Maddy + Christian’s Joshua Tree Couple Session

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December 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

Man and woman hugging and kissing in front of Joshua Tree couple session

This Joshua Tree couple session was literally something I’ve dreamed forever about. Joshua Tree has been on my bucket list forever. I’ve been dying to have a session there, and Maddy and Christian made dreams come true. They were so much fun, and literally the cutest couple ever.

Husband holding woman on his shoulders while wife bends over and looks at his face

Maddy and Christian are so much fun and we just had a blast adventuring around Joshua Tree and laughing together. The weather was perfect, and as always location couldn’t have been any better. I’m forever going to be obsessed with Joshua Tree.

We started off their Joshua Tree couple session in the iconic trees. It was such a beautiful session and so much fun.

Thinking about your own Joshua Tree couple session? Here’s a few things and places you have to visit while you’re out there!

Man and woman sitting together with woman resting head on man’s shoulder in Joshua tree couple session

First, visit Barker Dam Nature Trail. The beautiful mountains, with blue waters are a perfect contrast to the landscape we know and love from Joshua Tree.

Like to adventure? Camp! Make your trip to Joshua Tree memorable and camp in the park and explore when you wake up in the morning. Then we’ll get together and capture your own couple session and then have some s’mores too.

Camping not your thing? What about rock climbing? Joshua Tree has tons of great climbing locations. Planet Ware says that are almost 8,000 climbing routes throughout the park. While you’re climbing, stop by Skull Rock. It’s another amazing attraction.

Husband and wife hugging and smiling and laughing

Lastly, go visit Cholla Cactus Garden. One of the coolest parts in the park. An area with tons of beautiful Cholla cactus, everywhere!

Let’s make your Joshua Tree dreams come true. Let’s chat and make it happen!

Couple kissing on boulder
Husband and wife holding hands and cuddling during Joshua tree couple session
Man and woman sitting together and posing
Man and woman sitting together and cuddling on boulder

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