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December 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

bride and groom at omaha outdoor wedding

Hey girl! Congratulations on your recent engagement! I bet you’re so so excited but also totally overwhelmed by the amount of wedding planning you’ve got ahead of you!

The most important thing I want to tell you is, enjoy it. Enjoy being engaged and planning your future. It is such a special time, that goes by so quickly, because we spend the whole time stressing about one silly day.

woman holding man's arm during Gretna fall engagement session

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a wedding planned in one. It takes time and a lot of preparation, so slowwwww down.

No seriously. Venue choices, dates, and wedding dresses can wait a little bit until you have let this all sink in. You are getting ready to marry your best friend, your person, the one who makes you laugh so much you cry, and the one that lifts you up the way no one else can. Enjoy knowing that your life is about to change for the better. This little in between time is soo special.

Now that we have let the fact sink in that you are indeed getting married, where do we start?

couple posing during engagement session in Omaha before wedding planning begins

You’re Engaged, Now Wedding Planning!

  • Run to Pinterest – Pinterest is the best place to get ideas and pictures for your vision of your wedding day. Surf around and see what catches your eye. Do you like boho chic, modern minimalistic, or farmhouse vibes? Explore around and find a theme that truly fits you.
  • Talk with your fiancé (!!) about a time of year – Notice I said time of year, and not a date. No dates need to be set in stone quite yet. Things will change (thanks COVID) and you may have to change your date multiple times. Be flexible!
  • Photographers – While you may not have an idea for the time of year or even a date yet, start scrolling Instagram. Start stalking some photographers and seeing what you like. Finding the right photographer for you and your vision is essential to having a dream wedding. Pictures are one of the only things you get to take with you from your wedding. Make sure you have the right photographer to capture those memories.

Give yourself grace and time to plan out your dream day, and use this time to work together and spend time with your future hubby.

When my couples book a wedding package with me, I send them a free, comprehensive wedding planning guide. I have shot so many weddings and have seen so much, I’ve got all the tips for planning your dream day.

man and woman hugging and laughing to get more comfortable in front of camera

In my guide, I go through whether you should have an unplugged ceremony, a first look, and so much more. I’m there to help with anything I can, if that’s wedding planning, I’m here for you! Let’s chat about your day, and get you booked!

bride and groom kissing after being announced husband and wife during backyard wedding

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