Top 5 Tips for Smooth Wedding Day

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October 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

Timing is everything on your wedding day, and being prepared to stay on track is crucial for a smooth wedding day. I have totally been there, and know how it feels to be rushed and worried about everything being perfect. I’ve totally got you, girl! We’ve broken it down, and gathered our top 5 tips for a smooth wedding day that you can enjoy!

Throw in cushion time here and there. Having a realistic timeline saves lives! Don’t make your timeline so tight that any minor delay throws everything off. Things just pop up and so by padding your timeline with five minutes here and there will help everything fall into place for a smooth wedding day!

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I had a bride and all of her bridesmaids show up 45 minutes late to the church for getting ready photos because there was a senior graduation happening at the hotel they were staying at and the traffic was terrible. They had no idea that they would have that problem. Thankfully, because of how we laid out their timeline (and because I’m quick to help fix any mishaps) we were able to grab all their getting ready photos, the first look, their portraits, and were back on track and had time to spare before their ceremony started! The rest of the day ran perfectly. Moral of the story, things happen! Giving yourself more time than you think will be a lifesaver.

Create a shot list for family portraits and be sure to write down your relationship to each person. As your photographer, I will organize the group by relationship to make family photos happen efficiently. This will ensure pictures go smoothly and quickly. It is also good to include names so the photographer can call out names and put people on deck for the next group shots. Having a shot list is crucial to making sure family portraits are a breeze!

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If the getting ready part ends on time, the rest of the day usually follows on time. Make sure you allow enough time for hair and makeup and have your bridesmaids and the mothers ready at least thirty minutes prior to you getting ready (the bride). This is so your mother or maid of honor can help you put your dress on and you can do a reveal with the rest of your bridesmaids.

Try to spend most out of the time with your photographer when they arrive. Gather all the details you would like photographed like your dress, shoes, jewelry, bouquet, invites, and any other details and put them in a bag or box for your photographer to grab. Once the details are shot, then your photographer can focus on the getting ready photos with your bridesmaids.

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Create a timeline for your reception. Having a plan for how you want the evening to run is another great way to ensure a smooth wedding day! Get an idea of what you want to happen during the reception and plan when you want those events to take place. That way you can make sure you have enough time with your photographer and they can capture the most important things to you like your first dance and cake cutting. Making a plan for your reception can also help you to know if you need to add additional hours of coverage with your photographer + videographer.

Send a timeline to EVERYONE. That way everyone knows where they need to be and when for the pictures. Then everyone can be ready on time!

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