Abby + Merritt’s Romantic Picnic Couple Session


October 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

couple kissing in omaha forest

Abby + Merritt got married this last February but wanted to do something fun to celebrate their love. These two are so fun and wanted to have a picnic during their couple session. My heart soared, it was so dang cute!

couple having an outdoor picnic celebrating marriage in omaha

Not only were they a super fun couple to shoot, but for their romantic picnic they brought pizza! My kind of couple. It’s always fun when couples bring props or things that represent their relationship. It’s a fun little detail to show off what makes their relationship different and unique during a couple session.

Also sometimes you don’t need a reason for photos. This couple session is a perfect example of that, we wanted to capture the feelings they had right now, and that’s what we did. A good enough reason is to just capture this season in life! That is special enough, and your kids are going to be so glad you took pictures for them to look back on. I’m all about memories!

outdoor couple adventure session in omaha nebraska
couple kissing during omaha outdoor engagement session
couple laying down and posing during picnic lunch
couple hugging during riverside picnic shoot

Let’s capture your moments together big or small!

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