How to Turn Date Night into an Epic Couples Session


November 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

couple posing in omaha field during couples session

We all know that it can sometimes be hard to get pictures taken or to get your man even interested in getting pictures taken. I decided to share how to make an everyday date turn into epic couples session without doing anything different.

I love to take pictures with my husband but sometimes he isn’t super interested, so we like to go on a date and make a day of our couples session. That way he is looking forward to the night and not dreading it.

Here are a couple ideas for picture perfect couples session dates.

couple posing on bench outside drive in during couples session

Go to the Drive In

I’m getting major Grease vibes for this one. Get there a little bit early and let’s walk around and explore. We’ll get some treats and relax all while getting some super fun shots!

couple hugging at platte river in omaha


This is for all of my outdoorsy couples, take a day out on the lake and get out on the water! Let’s canoe or get paddleboards and make a day of it. I’ll be there to capture all the laughs that are going to happen when your man threatens to flip the boat (it always happens!)


I love going on walks and just being outside with my husband and sometimes we like to go longboarding together! How much fun would that be for a little date and couples session. Just capture the two of you in your element and having fun.

Walking through Downtown Omaha

Explore downtown Omaha together and take a peek in all the cute little shops. This is always a fun date and reminds me of all the dates on the Bachelor! They check out all the street vendors, and try on funny hats, always super memorable.

Outdoor Picnic

Such a romantic day date that turns into the cutest pictures. Take the time to disconnect from the world, cell phones off and just enjoy each other’s company.

woman kissing man's nose during engagement session in omaha

Eating Out

Go to a local diner and get a milkshake to share, or somewhere that you both love. We’ll take the time to take pictures outside and of the two of you cozied up in a booth together.

man and woman cuddling on couch during idaho engagement session

Cooking Dinner Together

Colder weather calls for more date nights in. I love trying a new recipe with my husband or even baking together. It’s fun to work together and create something while dancing around the kitchen and having a good time.

couple posing in omaha field during couples session


Take a weekend and go camping with your man. Set up camp and build a fire and roast some s’mores. Such a fun night together cozying up around a warm fire.

Let’s get together and hang out during a relaxed and fun date night session.

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