How to Have Memorable Getting Ready Photos

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November 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

bride and bridal party taking pictures after outdoor wedding ceremony

We’ve seen all those cute pictures on Pinterest of brides and their bridesmaids celebrating her big day and have these super cute and memorable getting ready photos. You can have that too! I’ve got you covered, here are a few of my favorite things for memorable getting ready photos.

Color coordinate outfits with your bridesmaids or gift them all matching robes. Make sure the bride’s robe is classy. A white or ivory robe with delicate details are nice and a classic monogram is timeless too.

Stay away from too many embroidered things, you’ll likely never wear it again! Check out for some great ideas for robes!

woman getting hair and makeup done before wedding getting memorable getting ready pictures

Steam everyone’s dresses and outfits.

Making sure everything is wrinkle free and ready to go makes for perfect pictures. Get rid of hair ties, fitness watches, or jewelry that you won’t be wearing during the ceremony

Make sure there is great lighting.

Windows are your friend. A well lit area will not only provide awesome photos but will also help your hair and makeup crew. White or light colored walls are perfect too to provide the best lighting space.

Clean up the area.

You’ll probably be munching on food here and there. Make sure all the food, water bottles, and random things that are laying around are in a corner where they won’t be photographed. If you are getting dressed in the bedroom, make sure the bed is made and room is tidy

man getting ready for big day

Make sure your bridesmaids and mother are dressed before you.

This helps ensure everyone is stress-free and can focus on what’s important, celebrating you! Also, that way, the photos of you stepping into your dress are free from distractions and everyone looks their best.

Schedule a specific time for the photographer to capture getting-ready shots.

That way, you can plan to include a special moment for everyone to gather around and really be together. You can do a first look in your dress with your bridesmaids, have everyone open their bridesmaids gifts at once, or have a short dance party.

Check with makeup and hair artists timeframes to schedule photos

Confirm with the hair and makeup artists that your ladies will be completely finished with their looks (and dressed!) before you put on your dress. This ensures that everyone is ready for all the group photos. Have them do their hair and makeup first while in their cute matching robes and then change into their dresses before you do.

wedding dress detail shot in outdoor omaha wedding

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready so you don’t feel stressed!

Remember the guys

The guys take a lot less time getting ready but it’s so important to get all details of the day and having a second shooter to photograph the guys getting ready while the main photographer is with the girls is a must have. That way when you’re looking back at wedding pictures, there’s some of your man too!

Relax and have fun! Let’s chat about making sure we get all the important details for your big day caught on camera forever!

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