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November 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

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My brides often tell me, “My fiancé does NOT like getting photos taken” and I hear that a lotttttt, but can I be honest? All of my grooms always ROCK their photos! Seriously they are naturals. But, for my brides that worry about their fiancé not feeling comfortable in front of the camera, I gotchu!

I always make sure that my engagement sessions are a blast for the both of you, but in case you are still a little unsure, here are 5 easy tips to help your grooms be more comfortable in front of the camera.

man and woman posing on omaha building during engagement session

Involve him in the planning process

Let him help pick out the outfits and location! If he is happy and feels a part of the planning process, then he will look more natural. He’ll feel relaxed, and feel like he is more involved rather than just showing up for the photos. Make him feel like he’s a part of the pictures rather than feeling like just a prop this will help him feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Make it a fun date night

Let date night after your session be something he enjoys! Does he have a favorite restaurant or sports bar he likes going to? Maybe a movie he has been dying to see? Make that a date night stop after your photos! It will give him something to be excited about and look forward to. Let’s be honest, you are probably more excited for your engagement photos than he is… it’s pretty much to be expected. But help him get more excited by doing something that HE loves more after the session!

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couple leaning against fence kissing during anniversary session

Show him some of my work

Show him one of my engagement session blog posts so he knows what to expect. When he sees how naturally posed my sessions are and how they aren’t awkwardly stiff like his senior/family pictures were (lol) it’ll ease his mind!

Most of the time, my couples have little to no experience being behind the camera and it’s their first time working with a professional photographer since senior pictures. Times have changed and there’s no more of that “tilt your chin a little more this way” and “put your hand here”.

My sessions are just a fun date that I get to third wheel on and take photos! When he sees what I’m all about, he’ll for sure start to feel more comfortable in front of the camera!

Encourage him and don’t make it a big deal

Don’t remind him that he hates photos. Seriously don’t make a big deal out of it! The more pressure you put on photos, the more uncomfortable he may feel! Keep it light, fun, and enjoyable for him. If you say, “don’t be grumpy” or “please don’t make that face or do those things in the photos” thennnnn he probably won’t get too excited. I have found that most of the time when guys hate photos, it’s because they don’t feel comfortable or may feel like they don’t look good in photos. It’s not because they just hate them. So lift him up and tell him how freaking hot he looks and smooch him all over his face and I promise you’ll get a better reaction from him!

man and woman posing during engagement session making them both feel more comfortable in front of camera
man and woman kissing in diner during engagement session to make them both feel more comfortable in front of camera

Remind him the importance of the photos

And lastly, but most importantly… remind him that these photos are going to be the ones that you will show your futures kids and grandkids. And these photos are the ones that will be hanging on the walls of your home for 30+ years. These photos will be ones you cherish forever. For some reason that makes them go soft and that’s what I tell my hubby every time we go out and get photos! It works every single time.

Let me know if you have tried any of these things to get your significant other to take photos with you.

couple posing and kissing during in home engagement session to get more comfortable in front of camera

Here is a testimonial of a session of mine!

“Kaitlyn was AMAZING! I have struggled to find a photographer in Omaha over the past couple years. I came across Kaitlyn’s instagram page and instantly knew I wanted to book her. Her pictures are one of a kind!! I think the difference in her photo’s compared to others is that she encourages you to be in the moment and treat the session as a date. No stiff posing – just be you! The best part was that my husband even enjoyed the session. He normally hates getting pictures done and he actually loved it. 🙂 Thanks so much, Kaitlyn!” – Whitney

If you want your man to finally enjoy getting photos taken and want to have your love captured in a fun way, chat with me over here and let’s set something up!!

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