What is a Micro Wedding?


October 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

couple celebrating micro wedding in omaha nebraska outdoor wedding

2020 has kept us all on our toes and has forced many brides to plan their weddings multiple times to keep within new guidelines. A micro wedding is the perfect way to have your dream wedding while still keeping COVID safe.

bride and groom walking down beach at destination micro wedding

Why a micro wedding and how to know if it’s for you?

They’re smaller, hence the name. A micro wedding is just like a traditional wedding just on a smaller scale. You still get all the things you want in your dream wedding, but are able to keep it intimate with the people you love most.

bride and groom at omaha outdoor wedding

Less people, means you can save some money on food. Maybe you get food from your favorite spot instead of worrying about feeding lots of people while staying on budget. Make it more memorable and unique to your relationship by getting something that you both love!

With a micro wedding you still can have all the traditions you want. Whether you decide to have a cake cutting, traditional toasts, and those special mother and father dances, a micro wedding allows you to do all those things.

Go somewhere you both love! Make your wedding a destination wedding. Maybe you both love exploring state parks in Nebraska, or want to have your wedding at a beautiful outdoor venue, like Heartland Country Barn.

bride and groom destination outdoor wedding in omaha nebraska

Having a micro wedding allows for less people, but making it about those people and what’s most important on your wedding day. Having a smaller guest list ensures you get to mingle and connect with everyone and not just a few like in a big wedding.

bride posing during bridal session in micro wedding omaha nebraska

Lastly, in a smaller wedding you can make it more personal and unique for guests by planning yard games, special entertainment, or even s’mores outside.

bride and groom after outdoor omaha wedding

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