Andy + Katelyn’s Dreamy Tucker Hill Winery Wedding


September 2020

Kaitlyn Neeley

bride and groom kissing after wedding ceremony at tucker hill

Andy and Katelyn will forever have a place in my heart! They had to make some quick changes to their wedding when COVID hit, but they did it with so much grace. They had to lower their guest count for their Tucker Hill Winery wedding and postpone their big reception they had planned – but it made the wedding day all the more intimate and focused on them and celebrating it with their closest loved ones. These two are so meant for each other and so in love. It was the sweetest day. Their smiles never left their face and it was a truly memorable day.

Tucker Hill Wedding Day

On their wedding day it was forecasted to rain. As a photographer and former bride myself, my heart went out to Katelyn, but she just KNEW that it wouldn’t rain! She kept telling everyone it would be fine. And she was right! The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect.

I always love getting a shot of my bride’s faces when they step into their gown and start getting buttoned up, but Katelyn’s face was everything. So full of light and excitement for what that dress meant and what her future looked like. She was about to walk down the aisle at her Tucker Hill wedding to marry the man of her dreams and she was ready.

bride and groom hugging and celebrating outdoor omaha wedding

Andy and Katelyn didn’t have a first look, but still wanted to do something special together before their ceremony. They held hands from either side of the barn door and took in the moment before their lives would change forever and they became man and wife. It was such a surreal and emotional moment that I know they’ll remember forever.

Prayer Circle

Another special moment during this Tucker Hill wedding happened before the ceremony. They gathered their bridal party and family in a prayer circle. Katelyn was on the inside of the bridal room and Andy was outside with his groomsmen (they hadn’t seen each other yet!). They lowered the blinds so Andy and Katelyn’s hands were touching through the window as they were praying and it melted my heart. The love that was felt in that moment was incredible. Two families coming together and becoming one.

Just a couple of days before their wedding reception venues were given the green light to open back up with a smaller guest count! They walked through a surprise entrance with confetti launchers and celebrated with their loved ones and the best pizza in town. Their Tucker Hill wedding was definitely a day to remember and so much fun! I can’t wait for their big reception celebration next year!

outdoor omaha wedding ceremony

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